On-line purchases can be safe and convenient when you choose businesses with proven products, services and solid reputations. Responsible companies post their Privacy and Customer Satisfaction policies on their websites, so that you can familiarize yourself with their policies before adding purchases to the shopping cart section.  If they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, they have been fully vetted and referenced. I especially like to check out web-based businesses at or by simply calling the company during regular business hours. Chances are, if they have competent and knowledgeable people available to assist, they are likely focused on delivering a pleasant customer experience. If you find it difficult to contact the company, it may be equally difficult to contact them if there is a problem with your order.

When paying for a product or service, make sure the site and payment methods are secure. Timely receipt of billing and shipping confirmations, promotes consumer confidence relative to the on-line purchase experience. Personally, I am reluctant to buy from on-line businesses that only post an e-mail address in their Contact Us section, i.e., I like to know that there is a live, responsible individual available to assist me if I have an issue or a question about a product or service.

Don’t buy from just anyone on The Net. Start with a BBB business review inquiry and buy with confidence!

Bruce Fleischer, B.Sc.

Select Marketing Canada Ltd.  1 800 361 8723

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