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Luxurious Long Stand Silk Filled Bedding
Once only available to nobility, silk is highly treasured and appreciated for its smooth feel and gentle warmth. Silk has long been recognized as a symbol of good taste and well being. Warm, lightweight, machine washable, breathable, non-allergenic, resist dustmites etc

We borrowed from nature to create the DREAMSILKS product line utilizing the silk to offer to the public a precious and sophisticated accessory that can provide a truly sensorial experience when sleeping. Silk has a variety of key features that make it stand out from traditional bedding available in the marketplace today. In addition to the conscious and sub-conscious experiences silk offers very tangible benefits.

Dreamsilks are as warm as down or cotton at approximately half the weight. No more cumbersome heavy comforters to achieve peaceful restful sleep. This is greatly appreciated by older people who may have ailments and who welcome no restriction on their lower extremeties.

Our comforters, mattress pads and pillowslips are all completely washable in a front loading machine using detergents recommended for “delicates” in “cold” water. They can be dried on the “cold air” cycle of your dryer (* full CARE INSTRUCTIONS are provided with each product and these should be referred to for full information).

Silk is the only known fiber which in its natural state, (cleaned but not processed) is completely non-allergenic. This coupled with the knowledge that silk is resistant to dustmites, bacteria and mold has elevated silk as a must have for those suffering from asthma, allergies, etc.. Silk comforters are a practical and cherished gift for loved ones.

The silk is 100% Natural, AAA luxurious long strand and the cotton is 100% natural, mercerized with a 233 thread count. Available in all standard North American sizes.

Dreamsilk Bags

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