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Darlene Bradamore, Lindsay, Ontario

Thentix8ozConditionerNo more sore, itchy eyelids!

Thank you so much Chantal.  I went to the Creative Festival in Toronto on Friday and bought some lip balm and (Thentix) moisturizer.  I have had a problem with dry itchy flaky and even sore eyelids where I couldn’t wear makeup or anything.  I went to the doctor, to a dermatologist and no-one could help me.  I was miserable.  Then I went to this show and the lady assured me it would help me.  I was of course skeptical after all the creams and everything I had tried.  I LOVE IT!!!!!.  It actually works and my eyelids are now perfectly fine after just a weekend although I did notice a change right away.   I would love to try all the rest of the line including shampoo and conditioner and just everything.  I am a believer for sure and will tell everyone I know.   .

Thanks so much.


Darlene Bradamore, Lindsay, Ontario
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