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Linda Martelli – Radio Personality

LindaMartelli KX 94 7I first discovered Thentix at a Christmas trade show where I had the chance to speak with a representative from their company.  She was very thorough in explaining all the benefits of the skin conditioner and honestly I was astounded.  The timing was perfect as I was experiencing dry flaky skin on my eyelids and was not having success finding anything to resolve the problem.  It was during the harsh winter months and I assumed this was caused by the dry air.  It was very frustrating as applying makeup was definitely a challenge.    I had tried so many different creams, even a prescription and nothing seemed to work until I tried Thentix.

This is honestly a miracle cream.  Not only did it get rid of the severe dryness on my eyes but I began using it as a night cream on my face and neck.  Within weeks my skin was back to normal and I was receiving compliments on how vibrant my skin looked.  I now use it on a regular basis anywhere on my body that needs extra moisture.

Here’s the best part.  My husband constantly struggled with dry skin and decided to try it on his face.  The results were marvelous.  Previously, he tried several creams that left his skin dry again even after a few hours of applying.   But with Thentix, his skin is smooth and retains moisture the entire day.

Thentix has become a part of our daily grooming routine and I highly recommend you try it.
It’s also our go-to-cream for blisters, bruises, bee stings, calluses, rashes and eczema.  We have allergies in our home and any sign of hives, I instantly reach for Thentix.

It’s my moisturizer!  After you try it, you will know why it will become yours too!

Linda Martelli - Radio PersonalityOn-air radio personality KX 94-7Southern Ontario
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