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Miriam MacLeod – St. John’s NL

Good day Elaine,
I was one of many who purchased the cream and the gloves (and I bought a silk comforter too!) at the Home Show last spring. I wanted to give you some feedback on the cream and the gloves.

“The Thentix cream is a wonderful product. I have red, sensitive skin and the zero fragrance and no irritating ingredients are a real blessing. I even put the cream on my face, which I will rarely do with creams. I have a 30g tiny bottle of cream I bought for $40, but as far as I can see, the Thentix is every bit as healing and even a bit more protective than my expensive cream. Dry, itchy winter skin set in this month, and the Thentix soothes my skin right away. Dry skin shows up with little flakes that show like a neon light inside my black pants in winter! But there are no telltale flakes when I use this cream.”
Thank you again for finding and selling these great products.

Miriam MacLeod - St. John's NL

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