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Thentix Skin Conditioner — Scalds & Burns

I just wanted to tell you what happened to me & how thentix worked. Two weeks ago today I was on vacation camping, & had just boiI ed a kettle of water. Somehow I managed to pour quite a bit of the boiling water over my wrist.  I immediately ran cold water over it, but I knew I was in trouble.  We were in the middle of nowhere, but my son Mark, had a jar of your Thentix.  He said, mom you have to try this.  It might be really good for the burn.  I took it, & put some on, & I have to say, within about fifteen minutes the pain was very manageable.  Throughout the day, I kept putting a thin layer of the cream on the burn, & was amazed that there was no water blister  appearing.  The area that was scalded was about three inches long & 2 inches wide, so quite a significant size burn.  After the first hour, there was no pain at all. I still expected to wake up in the morning with a big blister hanging from my wrist, but there was none. I did not even have to bandage the burn.  After a week & a half, I noticed that there seemed to be several teeny water blisters appearing, but they did not break open. When I looked at it again in the morning the blisters had opened, & the skin underneath was intact with just a bit of redness. Still no open wound, or scabbing.  Today, it just looks like I had just gotten a little sunburn on my wrist.  It looks like the burn totally healed from the inside out. I will make sure that I take a jar of this in my aid kit on every camping trip we take.  I wanted you to know how well your product worked for potentially a very serious burn.   Thank you….

S. AndersonOntario, Canada
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