Can Dry Skin be Itchy?

There are so many different reasons why dry skin can cause itchiness or discomfort. Even if you have dry skin on your face even after moisturizing. For me, personally, my skin gets incredibly dry during the winter months when humidity and moisture can be a scarcity. My skin can flake, crack, and even bleed. Others can suffer even more from additional afflictions that can cause itchy dry skin such as eczema hives and contact dermatitis. In my case, the itching makes my skin bleed even more. What I desperately need is cream for sensitive dry skin (that would preferably also be beauty skin care).
It can be difficult to find relief that lasts even beyond the initial application or a cream for excessive dry skin. Finding a cream that makes your skin soft and doesn’t just evaporate into the abyss can be a challenge. Even more challenging is finding a product that lasts and is a non-greasy cream for dry skin. Fortunately, Thentix, A Touch of Honey, doesn’t fall into either negative categories. Thentix is the best non greasy body lotion for dry skin. It provides a non-greasy and natural body lotion that soaks into the skin and lasts beyond most other moisturizers. It ticks off both of these important boxes and will also provide relief for dry itchy skin regardless of its cause. Thentix is a honey skincare that is a natural cream for dry skin that helps hydrate dry skin.
I know I’m not alone in thinking that Thentix rises above the competition in skincare. There are so many great product reviews that you can take a look at for yourself. In my opinion, your skin is in good hands with Thentix, the best skincare for skin.
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