Frequent Hand Washing & Hand Sanitizers

Are you frequently washing your hands and applying hand sanitizers? Learn what RNS and healthcare professions know … Thentix Skin Conditioner soothes and moisturizes sore, dry hands fast!

Thentix A Touch of Honey Skin Conditioner is shear-blended, which helps it penetrate deep into your skin, making dry, rough hands feel silky and smooth. It softens hands after frequent hand washing and doesn’t wash off. Non-greasy ThentixTM has natural ingredients like honey, royal jelly, ginseng and aloe which provide anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-fungal properties that promote healing.
Apply as often as needed. ThentixTM Skin Conditioner can be used from head-to-toe as a daily moisturizer and comes safety-sealed for your protection. Try ThentixTM Skin Conditioner today and say goodbye to sore, dry hands today!

To order by phone 1 800 361 8723  To order online, visit or

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