The skin care routines and rituals we have today have come a long way from our ancestral beginnings. If we want to go back and find out who did face care first, we naturally have to look back to Ancient Egypt, more specifically, around 6000 BC. Back then, they might not have had the facial toners or acne cream that we see today, but the Ancient Egyptians did still have their own skin secrets.
The Ancient Egyptians made skin care a major priority. With the hot Egyptian sun beating down on them daily, it was crucial that they develop a type of moisturizer that would act like sunscreen. They mixed ingredients like oils, eggs, plants, milk, and various herbs in order to help block out the sun, decrease their risk of sunburn and help keep skin moist. Wealthy Ancient Egyptians even had their own versions of skin care clinic and mix various oils in order to help prevent wrinkles and fine lines on their face. Although this isn’t the best face moisturizer by today’s standards, it was a fantastic beginning into the world of what skincare would become today.
We’ve certainly come a long way from our distant Ancient Egyptian ancestors. If you’re looking for the best moisturizer for dry skin or the best moisturizer for combination skin, consider taking a look at Thentix A Touch of Honey. It’s great for flaky skin, and in our opinion, the best eye cream for wrinkles – much more beneficial than a mixture of oils!


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