Natural Skin Care!

Unlike other moisturizers, THENTIX™ relies on natural ingredients to penetrate the top layers of skin, helping your skin heal from the outside – in.

Get to know THENTIX A TOUCH OF HONEY TM Skin Conditioner

PURE NATURAL HONEY has been used  to treat  injuries like  wounds, cuts and sores for centuries. Honey plumps up the skin cells, allowing them to draw and retain moisture.  Honey is also considered anti-bacterial.  ROYAL JELLY and ALOE VERA help heal the top layers of skin, when damaged by the elements is present. Royal Jelly contains B-complex vitamins, including amino acids (DNA  & RNA) — life’s building blocks. Aloe Vera is believed to have great wound healing  and scar reducing properties.

VITAMINS  A & E accelerate healing and reduce sun/radiation damage to the  skin while JOJOBA and AVOCADO OILS tone the skin .

GINSENG EXTRACT increases circulation by oxygenating skin cells; SUNFLOWER OIL protects damaged and inflamed areas and has anti-aging properties. CALENDULA is a natural antiseptic.

CHAMOMILE softens rough, dry skin.  Known for its  sedative and emollient effects. it soothes and hydrates the skin.

What some of our customers are saying about THENTIX  A Touch of HoneyTM Skin Conditioner …

We receive many testimonials for the soothing, healing effect ThentixTM provides to people with a variety of health-related skin conditions. Here are just a few examples of what customers are saying:

Annie B. McWilliams —  Aluah, Banff, Scotland

“…As a result of being diagnosed with breast cancer in July, 2007, I underwent six months of chemotherapy treatment before undergoing a mastectomy… I then had four months of radiation therapy which left my skin very badly burned … The hospital physician prescribed an (name withheld) cream which only soothed the wound a little but did not aid in healing.. .”

 “… a friend who had been on holidays in Canada and had bought THENTIX  (She) gave me a sample and within a week the burns and sores showed a vast improvement and within a month the area had healed completely, leaving no scarring or redness. I am delighted with your product…”    


Lillian Poirier – Brantford, Ontario, Canada

“I am writing in regards to one of your products. The skin conditioner (Thentix)…It is absolutely the best product my husband and I have ever used on our skin. My husband is undergoing chemotherapy. The skin on his hands is left with a dry, red almost raw condition following his treatments. Thentix has helped so much , we just are amazed!!!”


Linda Coyle – Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

“… I purchased it (Thentix) at (name withheld) and was so impressed with how it has helped me with my skin issues …  I have many areas regularly burned off by a dermatologist every five months and as well had MOH surgery on my face a year ago for squamous cell skin cancer. I found your cream to be so soothing with (its) deep moisturizing effect. I also have overall very dry skin issues and find this cream to be wonderful for this problem… I am always highly recommending your product to friends and family members …”

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