Sage advice from Ron McGuire, the creator/developer of the Thentix Skin Care Line

Did you know that in just a regular day without extreme weather condition, we are losing a quarter liter of water and salt from our skin every hour?  In these sudden Arctic  Vortex  (new buzz phrase) that has paralyzed most of North America, we need to be mindful of our skin and body. We are no stranger to the frigid weather in these parts, but to the sudden extreme drops in  temperature and these wind chills that are in effect are a new phenomena. The weather fluctuations used to happen gradually not over night or within hours. Our Skin is a wonderful, well-constructed defender to the body and protects us constantly from these harsh conditions. The Skin Barrier is a crucial  gatekeeper in keeping our whole body regulated.

Today if you already have the Thentix skin conditioner use it,  if not find a retailer and get it… It helps with the dry, rough flaky  and cracked  skin.  Drink lots of water, or herbal tea.  ( 8 x 8oz glasses and not too cold).

The bitter cold winds strip moisture and natural oils from our skin!  If you have not adjusted to a heavier skin hydrator to replenish this loss then you will feel the effects immediately.  Heavier Creams, Lipids and  Oils draw water and moisture to the skin and traps it there. Bitter Cold and dry  outside, and Hot dry inside, these my friends are extreme conditions for our skin!

Be safe, Protect yourselves and your loved ones from this cold and bad weather.

Ron McGuire

Thentix International Inc.

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