Select Marketing Canada Ltd and THENTIX A Touch of Honey — we care about our community

Select Marketing Canada Ltd and THENTIX A Touch of Honey  — we care about our community.  That`s why we do so many hospital events, including: Sunnybrook/Odette Cancer Centre,  McMaster, Brampton  Civic Credit Valley, and more. These hospital events introduce medical staff, patients and visitors to THENTIX and assist in raising money for a wide variety of hospital fundraising and equipment needs.

We also provide THENTIX A Touch of Honey Skin Conditioner to Breast Cancer Support Services, for their Chemo Therapy Comfort Bags which are handed out to newly-diagnosed patients.  BCSS provides information and educational support to patients and families dealing with Breast Cancer.

THENTIX A TOUCH OF HONEY Skin Conditioner is useful in the treatment of a wide variety of dry skin conditiones, such as: Chemo Hand/Foot Syndrome, radiation burns, Psoriasis and Eczema to name a few.

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