Select Marketing Canada is pleased to announce that a jar of THENTIX A Touch of Honey Skin Conditioner will be included in every gift bag handed out at this year’s Dance to Conquer Cancer event.  The 2013 fundraiser will be held in March and is put on, each year, by the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in support of the Princess Margaret Hospital.

In addition to this new event, THENTIX is part of an ongoing Comfort Bag program, provided by Breast Cancer Support Services to newly diagnosed patients. Every Chemotherapy Comfort Bag handed out by BCSS contains a jar of THENTIX A Touch of Honey Skin Conditioner — a natural skin care product that soothes, moisturizes and helps the healing process for a  wide variety of dry skin conditions. This head-to-toe moisturizer is useful in the treatment of radiation burns, Chemo Hand/Foot Syndrome and more.

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