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Frequent Hand Washing & Sanitizing?

Frequently washing your hands and using sanitizers often results in sore, dry hands.  Healthcare professionals know Thentix Skin Conditioner soothes and moisturizes sore, dry hands fast! It penetrates deep into... Read More

Great Feedback from a new, Thentix user!

“I just wanted to send a quick note regarding the Thentix skin conditioner product, as well as the (Thentix) shampoo and (hair) conditioner. I started using these products in April, and I am... Read More

Thentix Muscle and Joint Formula Works … NATURALLY!

“All Natural” Muscle & Joint Cream! Thentix Muscle & Joint utilizes the special physiological properties of its three active ingredients MSM, Capsicum Oleoresin and Wintergreen to achieve quick pain relief naturally. (NPN... Read More

Frequent Hand Washing & Hand Sanitizers

Are you frequently washing your hands and applying hand sanitizers? Learn what RNS and healthcare professions know … Thentix Skin Conditioner soothes and moisturizes sore, dry hands fast! Thentix A Touch... Read More

Thentix Skin Conditioner and Psoriasis

Here is a recent product review from Dana Christine Rogers, an honest, detail-oriented, Canadian reviewer, concerning THENTIX A Touch of Honey Skin Conditioner and Psoriasis. You can see her entire review... Read More

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Visit our Thentix A Touch of Honey Facebook page ‘@ThentixCanada’. You’ll find helpful information, timely promotional offers and exciting contests too! While there, leave a Thentix review or recommendation —... Read More

We are bringing you more great THENTIX Products to love!

Select Marketing Canada Ltd. and Thentix International are bringing consumers more  “A Touch of Honey” skin care products. Besides the 4 popular sizes of Skin Conditioner, we now offer: an economical, 4L Skin... Read More

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