Clean Metals NATURALLY! | Universal Stone, Natural silver cleaner,

Universal Stone, the remarkable cleaning compound from Germany,  gently removes tarnish from metals like silver, brass, copper, pewter, stainless steel and aluminium without the harsh odors, “elbow grease” and mess associated with traditional metal cleaners and polishes.

Natural Silver CleanerDon’t let tarnish ruin the rich appearance of your silverware. Universal Stone is a remarkable silver cleaner that cleans, polishes and protects silver in a jiffy.  Universal Stone won’t scratch the metal’s surface and contains no chemicals or acids that can cause damage. It leaves a very thin layer of natural glycerine on the surface which helps to protect your silver from tarnishing in the future.Trust Universal Stone for all your tough cleaning jobs around your home, cottage, office and workshop. Cleaning surfaces like ceramics, marble, porcelain, glass, woodwork, vinyl and of course metals are a snap with Universal Stone

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