Countries that embrace the environment, love Universal Stone.

Universal Stone is now distributed in approximately 25 countries around the world. This global growth reflects consumer concern for the environment and a return to natural solutions to everyday problems. Universal Stone is just such a product – it’s eco-friendly, biodegradable and completely pet and child safe. It replaces harsh cleaning chemicals, relying instead, on natural ingredients like earth/polishing clay, green soap and vegetable oils. Simply rub the stone and let the natural cleaning foam do the rest. Your surfaces will be left sparkling clean – naturally!

Universal Stone is available in countries that rank high on the 2012 EPI (Environmental Performance Index) including: Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Luxemburg, Italy, France and the United Kingdom. This annual lists rates countries in categories such as Environmental Health, Ecosystem Vitality, Productive Natural Resources and more.

You, too, can “rub the stone” and embrace the environment. Try Universal Stone today!

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