Don’t mess around with harsh cleaners and solvents!

Universal stone is pet and child safe, non-allergenic, non-abrasive and eco-friendly. It starts with the earth and gently returns to the earth; it’s biodegradable. Universal Stone replaces most of the cleaning products found around your home, cottage and workplace and is so economical. Natural ingredients like earth/polishing clay, green soap and vegetable oils restore surfaces to like new condition and leave them sparkling clean.  Metals like stainless steel, chrome, copper, brass and silver.

Tough cleaning jobs such as boats, RV’s, sporting goods, even dirty sneakers are no match for the cleaning power of this amazing natural compound. Simply wet and rub the specially-fabricated sponge across the stone a few times, squeeze the sponge until lots of foam appears and then let the foam and the sponge do the rest. Universal Stone quickly and easily cleans polishes and preserves most surfaces like magic.

Give Universal Stone a try on: Corian, ceramic, marble and laminate countertops; ceramic stovetops and kitchen appliances; faucets, toilets, tiles and grout; jewellery, silverware and serving trays; cookware,  glass and crystal;  patio furniture, barbecues and accessories;  windows, mirrors and doors; home exteriors. If that isn’t enough, use Universal Stone on musical instruments, golf accessories, cars, trucks, trailers and ATV’s.

When it comes to choosing cleaning products, choose wisely. Universal Stone  is the Right Choice for you, your home, your family and the environment. Visit to purchase or learn more iabout this amazing, natural product.

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