From Cars to Motorcycles, Universal Stone does the trick! | Universal Stone, All Natural, Eco-friendly

 Zielinsky Universal Stone works wonders cleaning most surfaces around the home,  but did you know that this amazing, natural product from Germany is the perfect choice for cleaning and polishing your vehicle?


Universal Stone easily cleans grease, road dirt and insects from all surfaces on your bike. It removes stubborn oil deposits, burned-on marks on exhaust systems and restores oxidized aluminum. It is safe for use on carbon fiber, paintwork, chrome, aluminum, anodized finishes, Plexiglas and rubber. From tires and rims to exhaust pipes and license plates, your bike will look amazing.

Automobiles, Trucks and RV’s

This eco-friendly cleaning product leaves surface on cars and trucks sparkling clean. Its non-abrasive, non-acidic formulation helps maintain windows, painted surfaces, chrome and plastic accents, and tire sidewalls looking like new. Long-lasting Universal Stone gets rid of hard-to-clean bug splatters from your windshield or grill in seconds and gently leaves Classic Cars looking ready for a parade down Main Street. And this little green jar handles all sorts of cleaning and polishing needs around your camper or RV too!

Simply wet and rub the hand-sized sponge (included) across the stone, squeeze until lots of foam appears, then let the foam and the sponge do the rest. Rinse with clean water or dry with a micro-fibre cloth or soft towel. That’s it!

Try Universal Stone today!

  • Won’t scratch
  • Easy- to-use sponge gets into small, hard to clean spaces
  • Just rinse or wipe off with a dry cloth
  • Leaves surfaces sparkling clean
  • Long-lasting, economical formulation
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Non-allergenic and kind to the skin

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