It’s all about the foam!

Wet  the specially-fabricated sponge and rub it over the Universal Stone compound a few times. Squeeze the sponge until lots of foam appears, then let the foam and the sponge do the rest. Rinse the surface with clean water  —  running water is best, but a damp towel also works.

Universal Stone quickly and effectively cleans polishes and preserves most surfaces – everything from dirty sneakers to the kitchen sink. Lots of foam is the secret to Universal Stone’s effectiveness. Try it on jewellery using a small toothbrush. It is so safe and gentle, some people even use Universal Stone as a toothpaste preparation for removing tarter and stains from their teeth.  Use Universal Stone for tough cleaning jobs inside and outside your home, around your cottage, workshop or recreational vehicle. It  is all natural, eco-friendly , non-abrasive, non-allergenic, non-toxic and acid free. “Elbow grease” is a thing of the past — simple and easy is the modern way to clean.  Get Foaming today!

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