The Original Zielinsky Universal Stone — from Germany with love.

Germany covers an area of 357,021 square kilometres  (137,847 sq mi), with approximately 80 million people. It is considered the historic leader in many theoretical and technical fields. From this beautiful land of mountains, rivers and streams comes Universal Stone … a unique, natural cleaning product that you will love.

This amazing compound is certified to be free of toxins, acids and phosphor.  It is biodegradable, non-abrasive and friendly to the environment, yet leaves surfaces sparkling clean!   Made of simple ingredients such as compressed powder from earth/polishing clay, glycerin, green soap, soap flakes and vegetable oils, etc, Universal Stone also polishes and preserves smooth surfaces.

Save money by eliminating many harsh cleaning products with this single green jar.  Try Universal Stone on kitchens, bathrooms, automobiles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, sporting goods, jewellery, running shoes and so much more. Simply rub a damp sponge across the stone a few times, squeeze the sponge until a rich foam appears, clean the desired surface and rinse with running water. Simple.



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