The simple green jar with so many uses! | Universal stone, spring cleaning, all natural ingredients

Cleaning, polishing, Preserving …  Naturally!

-Non-toxic, acid free   -Safe for children and pets   – All natural ingredients  -Gentle on skin   -Allergy friendly  -Phosphor free  –Fully biodegradable  – Non-abrasive  -Unlimited shelf-life

 Save money with UNIVERSAL STONE; a single jar replaces so many cleaning products!

Try Universal stone on all your home, auto and recreational items. Rub the stone, make it foam, and watch it polish, preserve and leave surfaces sparkling clean!


  1. METALS – stainless steel, chrome, copper, brass, silver, etc. ….
  2. FLOORS – hardwood, laminate, linoleum, assorted tiles
  3. COUNTERS – Corian, marble, granite, laminate and more
  4. APPLIANCES – fridges, stoves, ovens, hoods, fans, toasters, kettles, etc.
  5. STOVE TOPS – glass, ceramic, electric and gas
  6. COOKWARE – pots, frying pans, casseroles, Dutch ovens, lids, etc.
  7. BAKE WARE – cookie sheets, cake molds
  8. KITCHEN – sinks, faucets, dish drainers, cabinets, back splashes
  9. BATHROOM – toilets, tubs, shower stalls & doors, tiles, grout, sinks, faucets & fixtures
  11. GLASS & CRYSTAL – vases, chandeliers, glasses, etc.
  12. HOME EXTERIOR – eaves troughs, vinyl & aluminum siding, brass knockers & numbers, mailboxes, light fixtures, windows/frames and more
  13. INDOOR and OUTDOOR FURNITURE, including vinyl and other material seat cushions
  15. AUTOMOTIVE: Trucks, cars, motorcycles and ATV’s
  16. RECREATION ACCESSORIES: Boats, boat covers, watercraft, skis, boogie boards, goalie pads …
  17. TRAILERS & RV’s – aluminum exterior & other surfaces
  18. SPORTS SHOES – removes dirt & scuff marks from leather, synthetic, and other material surfaces
  19. GOLF ACCESSORIES – clubs, shoes, bags
  20. VINYL/PVC vertical, horizontal & roller blinds
  21. TOYS – completely safe around children & babies
  22. MISCELLANEOUS – musical instruments, fireplaces and accessories, jewellery (excluding Amber) and much, much more!

In Canada — Buy UNIVERSAL STONE with Confidence!
Why take chances purchasing from just anybody on The Net? They could be anywhere in the world and selling without the proper authority and product knowledge. You may end up with a knock-off or worse.

Contact 1 800 361 8723  and, during regular business hours, a ‘live’ customer service representative will be pleased to assist you with your Universal Stone requirements. 

Visit to purchase Universal Stone or learn more about this amazing product.

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