Universal Stone cleans, polishes and preserves everything including the kitchen sink!

Looking for an enviro-friendly, child and pet safe solution to tough cleaning jobs? Try Universal Stone. This innovative, nonabrasive “foaming stone” from Germany features natural ingredients like earth/polishing clay, green soap and vegetable oils. Using the applicator sponge included, rub the stone, create lots of foam and watch it clean away grease, grime, dirt, mildew, oxidation, tarnish and more – like magic.

A must for homes, cottages, boats and RV’s, try Universal Stone on kitchen surfaces, appliances even ceramic stove tops. Dirty bathrooms, work surfaces, sporting goods and dirty running shoes are no match for Universal Stone. Silverware and jewellery can be cleaned and polished simply and safely too!  You’ll find so many uses for Universal Stone.

Universal stone comes in 500g and 800g tubs and a commercial 4-kg pail for really BIG cleaning jobs. Ask us about unique accessories like quality linen dish cloths, specially fabricated extra applicator sponges that grab just the right amount of Universal Stone, and ceramic sponge trays that


For more information, visit: www.selectmarketinginc.com or call 1 800 361 8723.

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