Universal Stone – Quality-made Accessories!

Customer requests have resulted in the creation of an expanded line of quality Universal Stone accessories.

Applicator Sponges: These specially-fabricated sponges that absorb the correct amount of the Universal Stone compound for jobs of all sizes .

World’s Best Pot Scrubbers:  Choice of Flat or Foam-filled, these Pot Scrubbers are designed for use on windows, ceramics, non-stick cookware, ceramic stove tops and more. Made in Poland, they are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Linen Dish Cloths: European-made, these cloths are durable and quick-drying. A must for every kitchen, they are machine-washable and dryer safe. Assorted colours.

Universal Stone Ceramic Tray: Get organized! The perfect, custom-designed tray to help provide handy access to Universal Stone and its applicator sponges. Available in White only.

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