In 1966, Urad was developed by the Daru family (Urad is Daru spelled backwards), for the Italian leather industry. But as most great products over time, Urad’s popularity has grown worldwide and is now available in many different sizes and formulations. With our harsh climate, Canadians love Urad Leather Care Products!

Urad Cleans, Nourishes, Polishes and Protects in One-Easy-Step!
You’ve made an investment in leather goods. shoes, jackets, furniture, sporting goods – even expensive leather seats in your automobile. Smart consumers know that Urad will restore and protect their investment for years to come. And it’s so easy to use! Urad contains natural Carnauba Wax which, when combined with Lanolin Oil, creates a sensational shine – every time … and in seconds! Urad goes deep into the leather and really cleans, even removing ugly and damaging salt stains that are often present during the winter months, in many communities across Canada.

Urad isn’t just for leather … it can also be used on vinyl and rubber products like the sidewalls of automotive tires, auto dashboards, vinyl seats and boat covers. For fine, porous leathers like lamb skin, nubuck and suede, try Tenderly leather treatment. Tenderly cleans and softens and helps protect delicate leather clothing, accessories, gloves, boots, furniture, and more.

How to use Urad


1. Remove inner seal and sponge from jar

2. Carefully dab sponge into URAD and scrape off all visible product using specially fabricated lip on jar. The less you use the better the results!
3. Apply product with quick, even strokes. In the case of shoes – from front to back. URAD cleans, nourishes, polishes and protects … and dries quickly. Avoid applying in circular motions unless doing larger items like jackets, furniture or upholstery.
4. When finished, rinse sponge in warm water, squeeze dry, and replace inner seal in jar. NOTE: The sponge should never be left directly sitting in the URAD. Place sponge on top of inner seal when sponge is dry.

Remember …a little goes a long, long way, so use Urad sparingly.


Shoes, Boots. Handbags, Belts, Jackets & Apparel
Furniture/ unfinished furniture, Automotive Upholstery and Dashboards
Sporting Goods, Hockey Skates, Golf Shoes, Saddles & Tack,
Motorcycle Leathers, Chaps, Saddles and Saddle Bags

Boots, Running Shoes, Boat Covers, Household Items
Automotive Dashboards, Tire Sidewalls


Urad is available in neutral, black, dark brown and light brown, in the 200 gram (7-ounce) size (Tenderly 140g / 5-ounce). Also available is the NEW 50ML applicator jar, in neutral, black and and other assorted colours through Select Marketing Canada Ltd.


In Canada — Buy Urad with Confidence!
Why take chances purchasing from just anybody on The Net? They could be anywhere in the world and selling without the proper authority and product knowledge. You may end up with a knock-off or worse. Contact 1 800 361 8723 (www.selectmarketinginc.com) and, during regular business hours, a ‘live’ customer service representative will put you in contact with the legally licensed Urad Distributor in your area.

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